Specialists In: Electric Lift Truck Motors & Field Coil Rewind For All Makes & Models

Specialists in
Electric Lift Truck Motors 
& Field Coil Rewind

For All Makes & Models



We refurbish used forklifts and pallet jacks, electric and propane for resale. These are completely rebuilt and a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new truck while looking brand new!  We can customize the equipment to meet your specific needs, changing masts, adding side-shifters, etc. Our expertise does not end here. We have also built custom battery exchangers, for reduced downtime on the job. If you have special requirements, we may be able to help. We have been successful by utilizing the philosophies of high quality, experienced personnel and superior customer service.

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B&B Electric Motors, Inc. has built its infrastructure and the system to handle a significant amount of business. The company has worked aggressively to make advancements, and other leasehold improvements to establish business. With over 55 years combined experience, the staff is highly qualified.

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